OASIS Warranty Information

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The Berk-Tek OASIS program is designed specifically to address component compatibility and installation variables in the structured cabling system and deliver guaranteed total system performance.

At its core, OASIS utilizes Berk-Tek’s premier LANmark™ series of UTP cables and our premium fiber optic technology in concert with connectivity provided by the world’s leading vendors. Carefully matched and qualified through extensive research and testing, every OASIS Solution provides guaranteed total channel performance and
unmatched flexibility.
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All OASIS connectivity partners have been carefully selected and qualified, and every OASIS Solution has been extensively tested to verify consistent channel performance.
As a result, the Berk-Tek OASIS Solution installed today will not only maximize the value of your current application, it will also provide seamless migration to tomorrow’s technology. Guaranteed.
A New Contractor Program Specifically Designed for Canada
The Berk-Tek COASIS program features an end-to-end solution that can be customized to meet your needs. COASIS networks are build on the solid foundations of both premium LANmark copper Cat. 5e, Cat. 6, and Cat. 6A cables and COASIS GIGAlite Fiber Solutions. These solutions are designed for high-speed performance in in a horizontal and/or backbone fiber optic structured cabling system solution. Consistent channel performance is guaranteed by Berk-Tek thanks to premium cable combined with carefully selected and qualified connectivity manufacturers*, in addition to tested and verified solutions.

High quality network components are only part of the equation. Complete system performance and reliability also requires knowledgeable and skilled technicians to install and test your network according to industry standards. Berk-Tek thoroughly reviews every application and then administers rigorous technician testing to ensure only the best contractor organizations are able to offer 25-year COASIS warranties. As a result, the Berk-Tek COASIS Solution installed today will not only maximize the value of your current application, it will also provide seamless migration to tomorrow’s technology. Guaranteed.

 * The Berk-Tek COASIS program including the COASIS warranty is not offered in conjunction with, nor is it supported or approved by, this connectivity manufacturer. For systems participating in the COASIS Program using connectivity from this manufacturer, warranty coverage for the system, including cable and connectivity, will be offered and provided solely by Berk-Tek. Complete terms and conditions of the COASIS warranty can be reviewed at www.coasis.ca.