Could pushing the boundaries of your network help save you money?


Sometimes you need to push the boundaries of the LAN. Berk-Tek offers three unique products that can effectively extend your network without compromising performance.

LANmark-2000 Extended Distance Channel Warranty

Could extending past 100 meters over Category 6 cabling save you money?


In some real world installations, there is a need for channel lengths over the 100 meter maximum length requirement. Berk-Tek has the solution for these situations; the OASIS LANmark-2000 extended distance channel warranty. LANmark-2000 Category 6 cable is guaranteed to support IEEE 802.3 1000BASE-T performance out to 116 meters. That’s 16 meters (52 feet) past the standard. Not only is performance at extended distances guaranteed, Berk-Tek also warrants the two-connector, 116 meter channel when LANmark-2000 is used. Berk-Tek is the only manufacturer to warrant an extended distance channel.


The LANmark-2000 extended distance channel warranty allows you to plan and layout your installations beyond the 100-meter standard and saves you money with the potential to eliminate telecommunications closets. There is no need to reconfigure project layouts.


Features and Benefits:

  • 116 meter channel length solution using LANmark-2000
  • Guaranteed to support IEEE 802.3 and 1000BASE-T performance
  • 15-year OASIS Warranty
  • 2-connecter channel configuration
  • Fluke DTX 1800 test set up procedures provided
  • Test reports from the Data Communications Competence Center are available

OneReach PoE Extender System

Can PoE to 4,000+ feet save you money?


Power over Ethernet (PoE) is an effective method for powering devices such as security cameras wireless access points and more. But what happens if you need to power a device further than the 100 meter standard? You could run electrical power to the device or build additional telecommunications closets, both adding an additional cost to your installation. That’s why Berk-Tek created the OneReach PoE Extender System.


OneReach solves the 100 meter distance limitation by using OM3 fiber optic cabling to extend the Ethernet distance and by using copper conductors to extend the power distance, where both fiber and copper are in one composite cable. This cost-effective method eliminates the need for power at the remote needs. It also allows for higher performance PoE++ at 1 Gb/s for up to 1,000 ft.


Features and Benefits

  • Using multimode fiber extends the Ethernet distance
  • Using larger copper conductors extends the power distance
  • 1 Gb/s speed and PoE++ capable
  • 1000 ft. distance when using PoE++ and 3500 ft when using PoE

Berk-Tek's GIGAlite OM4+

Can going 600 meters at 10GB/s save you money?


As demand increases for higher bandwidth, the distances to support it are decreasing. With Berk-Tek’s OM4+ (GIGAlite-10XB) fiber optic cables, you’ll get the higher bandwidth needed without sacrificing performance. In fact, GIGAlite-10XB delivers 4900 MHz km of bandwidth and extends the distance from 550 meters (per the standards) to 600 meters at 10 Gb/s and from a standards defined 150 meters maximum to 300 meters at 40 and 100 Gb/s.


Berk-Tek is one of the few manufacturers that offer OM4+ fiber. Others offer singlemode fiber for extended distances, which has a greater cost associated with the transceivers needed. Berk-Tek’s GIGAlite-10XB is a cost effective choice for your network. OM4+ encompasses almost all data center layouts and helps you plan for the future by allowing for easy migration to 40 and 100 Gb/s bandwidth speeds.


Features and Benefits

  • Can support distances of 600 meters at 10 Gb/s and 300 meters at 40 and 100 Gb/s
  • Tighter attenuation and dimensional specifications lead to improved insertion loss
  • Tested for both DMD Mask and EMBc bandwidth measurements
  • Improved link loss budgets by up to 25%

In situations when you need to test the limits of your network, count on Berk-Tek to deliver cost effective solutions with superior performance.