Technology is ever changing. Make your migration to future data rates easier by using cassette breakouts. By using MTP cassettes and connectors, all it takes is a couple changes to get faster network speeds and allows you to efficiently use all fibers, minimizing the amount of dark fibers.


Multi-fiber MTP connectors are available in several varietes and use different colored boots to indicate the different fiber counts. For example, in the diagram below, red represents a 24-fiber connection, black signifies 12, and gray is 8 fibers. View the diagrams below to learn how to migrate to faster data rates easily.

Migration Using 24-Fiber MTP


Plan for future data speeds by using a 24-fiber 100G trunk. Use standard MTP-LC modules for 10G and LC Duplex Patch Cords, which will be swapped out when the network is ready for faster speeds.

Easy Conversion to 40G


Using the same 24-fiber 100G trunk, replace MTP-LC Modules with MTP-MTP Modules that convert 1x24F to 3x8F connections. Add three 8-fiber MTP Array cords for connection into equipment.

Simple Transition to 100G


To get 100G speeds, just swap out Modules for Adapter Plates and add 24-fiber MTP Array Cords for connection into your equipment.