Smart lighting systems are changing the way organizations operate

Smart lighting systems are changing the way organizations operate

More and more organizations are seeing the cost savings and efficiency benefits of converging their building automation system onto their IP networks. Smart lighting is one area of building automation that is growing rapidly and will quickly become the preferred technology for lighting in schools, hospitals and other enterprise facilities. It offers greater control over building automation applications, is cost/energy efficient, and provides an improved user experience.


LED lighting solutions have been utilized within the enterprise space for quite some time. They offer a longer operating life, better energy efficiency, and superior light quality over incandescent lighting.

Beyond the benefits of LED lighting, there are numerous advantages to incorporating your lighting system into your IP network:


Integrating a smart lighting system into your LAN can provide you with actionable data to improve the efficiency of your business. For example, based on analytics gleaned from your smart lighting system, you could reconfigure your floor space to improve your space utilization from 80% to 90%. That could lead to a business decision to relocate employees to existing space versus building or buying additional office space for them. Smart lighting can help you get the best utilization out of the space you already have.



  • LANmark-IP: Cat 5e cable ideally suited for high-power applications up to 100W with bandwidth requirements up to 1 Gigabit Ethernet.
  • LANmark-SST: Cat 6A UTP cable specially designed for high-bandwidth and high-power applications, with superior heat dissipation to support PoE to 60W, 100W and beyond.


Smart lighting requires relatively high levels of power to operate. Typical 1 Gigabit cabling (Cat 6 and traditional Cat 5e) can’t efficiently overcome the main challenge associated with PoE – the heat rise that comes with high power (60W and 100W). High-PoE applications like smart lighting require specialized cabling to minimize heat rise and optimize performance. Berk-Tek’s solutions are ready for the next wave of PoE and PoE+ technology.