uLAN Extender Series: Redefine the Limits

As the uLAN™ (utility LAN) grows and more organizations strive to integrate physical security and building automation systems into their IP network, new challenges arise. Chief among these challenges is how to provide both power and data connectivity to devices that need to be positioned in locations far from the network hardware.

The uLAN Extender Series is the industry’s most comprehensive solution set for extended PoE. These solutions enable you to extend your network simply and cost-effectively, providing data connectivity and power to any smart building device in virtually any installation environment.




  • AC-powered managed outdoor switch can deliver PoE++ (up to 90W) and 1 Gbps to 100 meters.
  • 4-port PoE capability, supporting a total of 240W, with additional uplink/maintenance ports available.
  • Fully managed software for network visibility, diagnostics and remote troubleshooting.
  • Used for security cameras on walking paths, WAPs in remote locations, PoE lighting in remote locations, digital signage and smart city applications.
  • Product availability Q1 2020. More info coming soon