A network is only as strong as its weakest link

Chances are, your network is probably  already supporting not only computers, but VoIP phones, tablets, smartphones, security cameras, access control systems, other building automation devices, and possibly even A/V (via HDBASE-T). Advancements in wireless technologies (802.11ac) are also driving up the demand for lots more bandwidth. According to the current Cisco VNI forecast, global IP traffic is expected to nearly triple by 2020 from 2015.

Installing Cat 6A solves the bandwidth challenge in the horizontal. In fact, we are seeing fewer 1Gbps drops and more 10Gbps drops in the enterprise. But what about the fiber backbone that needs to support all of it? Most backbones were installed with OM3 fiber, and with all those additional 10Gbps drops feeding them, they can no longer efficiently support the network’s bandwidth demand.

OfficeCampus_300x200The next logical step is to move to a 40Gbps backbone. But when you do that, the reach of OM3 fiber decreases to only 100m, per the TIA standard. This is not enough reach for nearly 80% of backbone applications when connecting buildings in a campus environment. Your network can’t perform optimally if your fiber backbone is weak.

How can you maintain the reach you need for maximum performance and support an ever-increasing amount of bandwidth over your network?

The secret is in the glass

Berk-Tek has developed a unique multimode fiber solution that can reach 300m at 40Gbps! GIGAlite-10XB glass allows for double the distance over the standard. You don’t have to move to a much more costly single-mode solution (SM cable is less expensive than MM, but SM transceivers are about 2X the cost).

However, if moving to a single-mode solution is on the infrastructure roadmap, we have a hybrid cable solution that has both MM and SM fiber, so you can take advantage of a lower cost multimode solution now, and then move to a single-mode solution when you need it later. You can light up the MM fiber now and leave the SM fiber dark until you are ready for it. 

Recommended Solutions

Berk-Tek’s OM4+ GIGAlite-10XB solution solves the problem associated with moving to 40Gbps with a reach of 300m.  This is double the distance that standards compliant glass can support.


  • provides more power budget for 40G backbone applications.
  • allows enough power budget to go 300m at 40G. That’s double the standard.
  • enables you to better plan for future backbone capacity while minimizing costs.
  • can support the transition from 1Gbps more 10Gbps drops out into the enterprise, so you can move to 40Gbps with confidence.