Berk-Tek's uLAN™ Optimized Cables

We're all feeling the pressure to produce more with fewer resources. Many organizations are addressing this challenge through network convergence via the uLAN™ – an ecosystem of building automation devices (lights, security cameras, building automation sensors, and more) that are not traditionally Ethernet-enabled, but are now being connected and powered by the IP network.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is the enabling technology allowing this to happen. With the IEEE 802.3bt standard, up to 90W of power can be transmitted over category cabling. But more power means more heat, and heat is no friend to IP traffic. Berk-Tek's LANmark™-SST and LANmark™-IP solutions are specially designed to minimize and dissipate the heat rise generated by PoE.


Berk-Tek's uLAN™ Solutions



  • 10 Gbps cable that will prepare you for future high-power/high-bandwidth applications
  • Specially designed insulated metallic isolation wrap acts like a heat sync to dissipate heat
  • Shielded performance in a UTP design: no grounding or shielded connectivity needed

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  • 1 Gbps cable that is best for high-power/low-bandwidth applications
  • Specially designed with 22 AWG conductors and long twist lays to minimize heat rise
  • All-FEP construction on the primary insulation provides superior heat resistance

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