Environmental Stewardship

Think Globally, Act Locally has long been a slogan of the environmental movement; one that emphasizes the ways in which small and specific individual actions can have an impact upon the overall environmental landscape. It is with this concept in mind that Berk-Tek continuously assesses our internal business and manufacturing processes, to mitigate our impact on the world around us.



On average the Berk-Tek recycling program recycles over 7.5 tons of paper and 71 tons of cardboard each year. Berk-Tek recycling efforts also include “Waste To Energy” disposal of most waste products except those destined for specific recycle or reclamation processes.


Copper and Plastic Waste Reduction

As an important part of our global research and development community, Berk-Tek is constantly devising new ways of processing different materials and has found that scrap reduction efforts can serve the dual role of product improvement and positive environmental stewardship.


Copper and Plastic Reclamation

When starting and stopping production lines to change jacketing colors or product types, is some material that does not conform to the final product specifications and must be discarded. Copper scrap material is retained and sent for reprocessing where it can be used for alternative products.


PVC jacketing is sent for recycling into products such as garden hoses, and FEP jacketing compound is reprocessed and used in our own products as cross-filler material or high-pair-count center tubing. Annually we reclaim & recycle or reprocess an average of:

  • 15,373 lbs. of copper
  • 350,000 lbs. of FEP
  • 360,000 lbs. of PVC

Energy Efficiency Improvements

Berk-Tek has replaced over 600 metal halide lighting fixtures with high-efficiency T5 Fluorescent fixtures. This change resulted in an average savings of over 1.5 Million kW-Hrs annually, reducing annual emissions by:

  • 1,960,354 lbs. of greenhouse gasses (CO2)
  • 3,046 lbs. og Nitrogen Oxides
  • 15,154 lbs. of Sulfur Dioxide
  • 37,208 milligrams of Mercury


Our commitment to continuous improvement has driven us to do even more today.  We are now in the process of converting all our fluorescent fixture to more energy efficient LED luminaries which are shown to reduce energy consumption even further by up to 38%.


Waste Water Reclamation

Berk-Tek uses an evaporation system to handle all water used during the manufacturing process. This prevents up to 200,000 gallons per year of potentially contaminated water from entering local streams and rivers.  All sanitary wastewater is monitored daily and treated on-site to meet EPA guidelines before being released.


Packaging Improvements

Most of our  product packaging contains recycled material and is recyclable. Specifically, recycled materials can be found in our packaging as follows:

  • 90% of the core of wooden reels
  • 85% of the core of plastic reels
  • 100% of plastic in plastic reels
  • 85% of box liners


Plans and Monitoring

Berk-Tek conducts annual reviews and updates to Preparedness, Prevention, and Contingency (PPC), Storm Water Pollution Control (SWPC), and Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans as well as Bi-annual Environmental walkthroughs & audits by an outside EHS Consultant.

From innovative materials development, through positive manufacturing practices and on to standards bodies contributions, Berk-Tek truly does work to be a good steward of the planet.