Berk-Tek Introduces Low Skew Cable

Low Skew Cable

  Berk-Tek Low Skew Cable 200 To eliminate blur in fast-moving images and ensure the clarity of video transmissions Berk-Tek Low Skew cable has been designed to minimize the time delay skew of video transmission signals. With a skew of only 2 nanoseconds at 100 meters, you can be sure that images will be crystal clear.  

Berk-Tek Low Skew Cable supports flawless video transmission to distances well beyond the limitations imposed by traditional Ethernet-based IP video systems. This cable is different from category cabling thanks to the specialized lay of the twisted pairs. While category cables require twist rates to minimize crosstalk, video transmission media requires twist rates that ensure signals transmitted on every pair arrive together. 

Berk-Tek’s low skew cable offers a similar diameter to Category 5e products. Berk-Tek’s low skew cable is available in CMP (plenum) with an outside diameter of 0.186” and CMR (riser) rated with a 0.192” O.D. Coax cable has diameters upwards of 0.5”. The Berk-Tek Low Skew cables are available in boxes and reels from Berk-Tek’s major distribution channels. 

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