COVID-19 Updates from Berk-Tek

Berk-Tek is monitoring the status of the COVID-19 pandemic very closely. The situation is fluid, and changes can happen quickly. With that in mind, this page will communicate answers to your questions and provide the latest information we have during these unprecedented times.


Health & Safety

What is Berk-Tek doing to keep stakeholders safe?

Our priority is to protect the health and safety of all stakeholders in our business including our employees, customers and suppliers. We continue to apply the guidance of the CDC in its operations and other measures in an effort to protect them from the COVID-19 virus.

To that end, we have been strictly adhering to best practices recommended by authorities to minimize risk of exposure. All employees who are able, are working from home. We have also implemented a travel ban for all employees, suspended all event and trade show participation until further notice, and suspended all non-essential visits to our facility.

In our production facilities, we have modified shift schedules in our plants to minimize any employee contact. We are also following heightened cleaning protocols at all facilities with mandated cleaning & disinfecting intervals, processes, and locations.


Operations and Product Availability

Are Berk-Tek plants still operating?

Yes. Both our New Holland, PA, and Fuquay-Varina, NC, production facilities are still operating.

I thought the PA Governor closed all "non-essential" businesses? How is Berk-Tek still open?

On Thursday March 19th, the Pennsylvania Governor’s office issued an Executive order requiring all “non-life-sustaining” businesses close by 12:01am March 21st.  We followed the Government’s order, but we submitted an immediate request to the Governor’s office for an exemption from the applicability of the Executive Order. The Governor’s office granted our request for an exemption, on the basis that Berk-Tek “plays a critical role in the manufacture and supply or goods and services necessary to sustain life.” The exemption specifically allows Berk-Tek to continue to operate. 

Have you been able to fill orders?

Yes. As part of our business continuity plan, Berk-Tek has ensured that there has been sufficient inventory at our distribution partners to fulfill orders seamlessly. With production back online, we will continue to meet and exceed the service levels our customers expect from us.


Customer Service/Placing Orders

How do I place orders?

Continue to place orders as you always have.

Who do I contact with product questions/customer support?

Our Inside Sales team is working normal business hours from home and is available to assist you. You can contact your Account Representative directly or call 717-354-6200 and follow the prompts for the General Sales Queue. Click here to find key sales contacts for your region.

What if I need tech support?
Our tech support team is also working normal business hours from home and is available to field questions and provide product support. They can be reached at 717-354-6200 or


OASIS Contractor Program

Who do I contact with questions about my certification or warranty?

Please contact Heather Zynn, Contractor Programs Manager, at


Can I still apply for warranties?

Yes!  The Contractor Programs Manager is working remotely and the OASIS program is running “business as usual”. You may access the portal at any time to apply for Warranties as well as access installer training modules. Click here to access the portal. 



I’d like to use this time to catch up on training/BISCI credits. Do you have anything available?

Yes, we have quite a few BICSI and AIA accredited presentations available. Please contact your local rep to discuss remote training options through an online platform such as WebEx or Skype. Additionally, we are working to make educational content available through an online portal that will provide access to self-guided on-demand training. We expect to have that available in early April, and will announce the formal launch through our rep teams.